Play to Your Strengths – Be Yourself

Collection of Story-seeds @Prinzessinnengärten

Come to Prinzessinnengärten, Berlin – get in contact with yourself – create your story-seedtextualization_9327

It is about finding an expression for your inward reactions, feelings, vibes, waves, thoughts, colors … it can be text but also drawing, picture … Whatever it is, put it down along with your name and contact info. Add your story-seed to the collection. Be yourself and join in. wundersameverschriftlichung_9083

It’s not so much about text creation but more about giving a “telling impulse”, just a small piece can be a great story-seed, as it might grow in the story-gardening fieldwork. 

Plus, it’s a beautiful win-win way to be remembered: contribute to the project and, as you probe your inner life, take a step towards getting the better of yourself. wundersameverschriftlichung_9071

And you also might to get to know wonderful other people, who are eager to welcome your unique personality. Cheers. 🙂wundersameverschriftlichung_9069

ongoing through October 23, 2016 – daily 3-6 p.m. (sometimes longer) – unless it’s really bad wheather

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